Hey y’all - coming to you live with another D&D setting inspiration post! This one comes courtesy of my friend ManicVandl; he DM’d me this on Discord and was cool with me sharing it here! As he says, feel free to use this setting in your one shots or campaigns!

I’ve written up a tavern that people can drop into their games, feel free to steal if you like.

It’s called The First and Last Tavern, and it proudly boasts to be “the most interesting dive bar in [insert rugged part of the campaign map]”.

All the furniture is mismatched ranging from high backed mahogany with plush upholstery, to rickety rough-hewn stools. The bar runs the full length of the main room and is battered and beaten to all hell, and the second story is just a big balcony which looks down into the centre of the main room below.

The centre is dominated by a big sunken fighting pit - 8 feet deep, 30 feet across with sheer timber walls and a bloodstained sand-over-stone floor, where regular, totally unmonitored fist fights happen that the patrons can gamble on. There are no bookies so if you want to gamble, you need to find another patron to bet directly against.

The interior is dim, dingy, and smells like stale beer, unwashed bodies and the coppery tang of blood. But the atmosphere is always lively and rowdy, there’s always some kind of music being played (not always well) and the cheap booze flows as long as there are patrons around to drink it.

It’s a tavern, not an inn, so there are no rooms available. People literally show up to drink, fight or gamble, maybe all three, then stumble home in the wee hours.

The owner is an old orc named Ironjaw Ghor, a retired pit fighter himself who earned the epithet “Ironjaw” through his stubborn refusal to lay down when beaten, and an uncanny ability to stay on his feet and endure blows that would have sent a lesser man sprawling.

He’s long since hung up his handwraps and insists the stories of his legendary endurance were just tall tales blown out of proportion. But in the rare instance that things get a little too out of hand, Ghor has been known to jump the bar and crack a few skulls. He may no longer be in his prime, but the old orc is still more than capable of handling any misbehaving drunken louts.


- FFB o7