Welcome all to the inaugural post of me spamming a metric TON of character ideas and backstories out there for your own personal use. This post mostly exists in order to set up the following ones and give you some sort of idea what goes on in my idiotic brain. I’ll explore formats, what the character inspiration posts will look like, and more so read on!


In order to help keep my thoughts clear and easy to read, I’ll be adding in a format for the character inspiration posts. This should help sort my ADHD rambling and keep it *somewhat* on the rails; without this, you’d probably be in a constant state of figuring out how things connected. Trust me friend, it’s just better this way.

To start, most of my characters are inspired by something - usually that something is music - but regardless, I’ll list the inspiration up front. Where possible, I’ll embed the songs and/or videos that gave me the idea in order to give credit where it’s due and to show y’all the thought process that got me from Point A to Point B. After that, there will be a TL;DR block with all the quick notes on the character and a more verbose background section listed beneath. The final formatting should look something like this:

TL;DR block:

  • Title/Inspired Name: Sometimes the characters I come up with will have specific names, other times it’ll be a more generic title - either way something will be here.
  • Race: If there’s a particular D&D race that the character would fit into, you’ll see it listed. Not all characters will have this necessarily.
  • Gender/Age/Height/Weight: Basic life stats per character - these could almost always be modified if you choose to use the character.
  • Alignment: Quick reference for how our persona might act in any given situation.
  • Class: The primary class or class combinations that I think that the character would fit into.
  • Background: This will be the spark notes on the character’s backstory. Good enough to get the gist, but you’ll definitely want to dive deeper into it in the sections beneath.

……aaaaaaaand then we step into the verbose background bits. It’ll turn into a more free-form creative essay at this point, letting my mind speak to different aspects of the character that might be interesting.

If I ever get around to learning art, maybe we can include a picture of them. I might do that anyways just from things I grab from Google, but know that they won’t match how I’m envisioning the characters directly. Either way this will be fun.

I’m out, see y’all around on Twitch and YT. o7