FatherFireball looking at a laptop on a balcony.

Hey y’all! I’m FatherFireball - techie, streamer, and all around nerd. I’ve streamed on and off for about 6 years now in addition to being a husband and cat dad.

I play lots of things both on and off stream - Metroidvanias, Soulsborne games, Dungeons & Dragons, Rocket League, and more. I hope to entertain and keep everything light to give everyone a relaxing space to come chill.

As for the blog I want to share the streaming things I’ve learned over the years and random thoughts as well. Game reviews, game design talks, D&D characters, the list goes on… we’ll be flexing the creative writing muscles and tackling a variety of subjects 😊

Oh yeah - if you want to follow me on social media, there’s a couple of places below:

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See you out there! o7